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  1. Moments from Paarl

    June 23, 2011 by Kaitlin

    Paarl: A city of contrasts

    Before we even left for Cape Town, Erna, our USC faculty adviser for the program, asked me to help lead a radio workshop in Paarl, a beautiful mountain town in the wine country surrounding Cape Town. I agreed months ago, not fully aware what I’d be getting myself into.

    Now that the long weekend in Paarl has come and gone, I’m still processing the experiences, lessons, and surprising discoveries that came out of the workshop.

    On a Thursday morning, our whole group piled into Gavin’s van for the trip out to Paarl. We spent the afternoon getting to know the young adults we’d be working with and becoming familiar with the recording and editing equipment. When we gathered into the small computer lab, over 20 people in all, and everyone suddenly turned to me, and it hit me. Holy shit, I’ve got to lead this thing. So I took a deep breath, had everyone pick up their Tascam recorders and press the “on” button. You’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

    If you’d have asked me then if we’d have produced 20 minute radio show three days later, I’d have said heck no.