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  1. October 2013 Mix

    October 7, 2013 by Kaitlin

    A couple of things. October playlist is late. For the first time in 13 months, I didn’t get a playlist up on the first. I meant to get it up by the fifth (figuring it was kinda like rent…if you got it in by the fifth, you’re technically on time), but failed on that too. However, the fact that I’ve managed to post a 20-song playlist a month, every month for one whole year means I’m giving myself some leeway for October. It’s an consistency / promptness balance I can deal with.

    I have playlists for almost every month going back through 2007. Before that, they existed in the form of CDs I used to burn and pass around to the four or five college friends who were interested. I’m certain those older lists were much more scrutinized, every song teeming with significance, every artist researched, every track order carefully considered. Now, if I hear 45 seconds of a song that perks up my ears, there’s a good chance it’s going on the mix. Again, it’s a balance, and again I hope I’m somewhere in between thoughtful and spontaneous.

    So this month you’ll find yet another mix of old and new–the new coming from more informed friends than me, and the the old being mostly reminders of songs that resurfaced during a September visit to the most prompt, on schedule and midwestern music festival I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.