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  1. Nine pictures of my dog I took with my iPhone

    August 29, 2012 by Kaitlin

    The title wasn’t lying.

    I have a dog named Pivo. He used to live with me, but for now he lives in upstate NY where he has grandparents to fawn over him and a lake to romp in. In LA, he had a backyard that consisted of a concrete slab the size of a parking spot to poop in and horrible rashes. Since I know you all care, I’m happy to report his skin has cleared up.

    He makes me smile incessantly. He’s muttly, and scrappy and one-of-a-kind (ok, not entirely true…word from the Humane Society is that he’s got a brother out there somewhere). I purposefully didn’t post these on Facebook because I get annoyed with the never-ending stream of baby photos, and I’m assuming you feel the same about my canine obsession. But if you’re reading this, you got here on your free will. No complaining/barking. Sit. Stay.