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  1. A quick photo-tour of Kreuzberg

    October 7, 2012 by Kaitlin

    I left Berlin minorly obsessed with Kreuzberg. This is the mostly residential neighborhood just southwest-ish of the River Spree. A lot of Turkish immigrants live there, as well as artists, musicians and students. You can get 3 euro doner kebabs next to a shop that sells roller derby gear. There’s street art everywhere.

    I heard it called the Williamsburg of Berlin, the Portland of Berlin and the Echo Park of Berlin. OK, I may have dubbed it that last one.

    But it’s really none of those things. It’s Kreuzberg.

    Christie, a graphic designer also on the trip, and I spent one long, wandering afternoon there. Her photos are much edgier and have more fun angles than mine, but I did what I could. The following morning I went back to a different part of the neighborhood to take a yoga class (Julie was great. If you’re in town, take a class with her). And now that I think about it, I went back yet again the next day to go to a spa/sauna/soaking pool place called the Liquidrom. They have a massive heated saltwater soaking pool in a dark room where they project soft, colorful lights on the walls and play gently pulsing music. If there’s still any question in your mind, yes, you should go there.

    Most of the time I spent there, I didn’t have a destination in mind, so here are the sights of Kreuzberg, as I encountered them.

    Song is King of Kreuzberg by Shotgun Jimmie, from his 2011 album, Transistor Sister.

  2. And, being done, thus Wall away doth go

    October 7, 2012 by Kaitlin

    I took a lot of pictures in Germany. You probably don’t want to see them all because they are mostly of buildings. Or street art on buildings. Or dogs.

    There is, however, one kinda cool one I didn’t even remember taking until I uploaded all my pictures.

    A couple looks at historic images on the border of the former wall, near Checkpoint Charlie

    Mauer means wall. Swear.

    These two people are standing, unknowingly, I think, on opposite sides of what used to be the Berlin Wall. The reddish bricks are where the wall used to be.

    Don’t believe me? Ask the plaque.

    I don’t even remember if the person on the right is a man or a woman. It doesn’t matter, and I like that too.