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July, 2015

  1. July 2015 Mix

    July 9, 2015 by Kaitlin

    Coming to you live from the Boston airport. I’ve just wrapped up a couple perfect days with family (or as close to perfect days as you can get with family) in upstate NY. Wildlife spotted includes deer, chipmunks, loons, river otters and Pivo the dog, who looks not unlike an otter himself when he swims.

    If you’re ever in the area and want some of this amazingly layered ice cream, stop by Donnelly’s in Saranac Lake. They offer one flavor a day (can be twisted with vanilla, as seen here), so the selection process is very easy. No paradox of choice here.

    Next up, Portland with long-time friend and spiritual soul mate Sami. We just figured out that our friendship is entering its tenth year this month. There were gay bars involved then, there will be gay bars involved now.

    I also turn 30 this month and have now been at my current job more than a year, both of which are things I find hard to believe and produce a certain level of anxiety, but overall I feel pretty great about. Add in some good tunes and a week away from the office? Even better.