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April, 2015

  1. April 2015 Mix

    April 4, 2015 by Kaitlin

    I don’t know why I ever settled on 20 songs a month. Sometimes I think about cutting it down to 10, but I think I like 20 because it forces me to sit down and spend time seeking out new stuff. A lot of times I get to about 17 or 18 songs and then kinda hit a wall. In those cases, I’d typically¬†either find something old and add it to the mix, or I’d send Ben a g-chat and say, “Quick, I need a song recommendation now. Go!”

    And he’d always come through for me. Lykke Li, Avan Lava, Glass Animals, Florence + The Machine…and many, many more. He always had a tune or two ready to perfectly round out a mix.

    This month, I found no shortage of good stuff, lots of it newish, but there was this pang of sadness in not being able to reach out to Ben or to share it with him. But, listening to these songs is also the happiest I’ve been all week, and I think Ben would be on board with that.