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March 2015 Mix

March 14, 2015 by Kaitlin

Places I have spent the night in March:

Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Florence, Alabama.

Nashville, Tennessee.



None of these trips was planned more than 5 days in advance. They were the kind of trips where you get a call and learn, “you need to get on a plane ASAP.” And Nashville really wasn’t planned. I had a perfectly reasonable 6:30pm flight out, but that departure didn’t happen. Not weather related. Nope. Not at all. In fact, before we were originally supposed to board, the gate agent announced we should all be excited because we’d be on one of American’s brand new planes.

Then that plane broke.

Something to do with hydraulics. They just needed to swap out one part, but that part had to be flown in. And in fact it was flown in and the plane was fixed that night. But at that point, the crew had been on duty so long they weren’t allowed to work any more and there was no one else to step in.

So I got a night at the Nashville Music Town Sheraton. Which was fine. But come on, Sheraton, don’t be trying to charge $9.95 for wifi when Holiday Inns have it for free. When I asked about it, the guy at the front desk could either sense my broken spirit or my murderous rage. Maybe both. Either way, he gave me free wifi. So boo to the hotel corporate policy, but hooray for kind and reasonable individuals.

The next morning, back at the airport after a few hours of non-sleep sleep, I chatted with a guy who had been through the same ordeal. I think we recognized each other from re-ticketing lines, hotel voucher lines and shuttle waiting areas. He was a professor of classical Buddhism, on his way to visit his parents in California for his spring break. Turns out he knew one of my favorite college professors, who taught classical Hinduism and Eastern Meditation texts. It seemed like a fortuitous meeting because if I had ever needed to be reminded of the Four Noble Truths, it was in that moment.

Now that I’ve got a Saturday at home with no greater aspirations than laundry and filing taxes, the opportunity to lounge and listen to music seems like a luxury indeed. Enjoy the tunes, friends.

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