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July, 2014

  1. July 2014 Mix

    July 5, 2014 by Kaitlin

    I have this distinct memory of being in Portland in early July 2007. I had just moved there after graduating college and went to a Decemberists concert at Edgefield. I remember feeling exuberant and life feeling full of potential and the weather being perfect and then the band taking the stage and opening with July, July and then standing up and dancing on our little picnic-blanket-sized bit of real estate. It wasn’t a new song then, which means it’s a really old song now (like, 12 years old. How can be?), but it’s still my go-to jam whenever this summer month hits.

    Funnily enough, for being such a happy memory, I don’t actually remember who I went with.

    <5 mins later….> Thanks to gmail saving everything, it looks like it was with a guy named Walter. omg, Walter! Yes, I do remember. We definitely met online (I was so young! 21! What was my rush?!), and only went out a couple times, but thanks for the memories, Walter.

    No “July, July,” on this mix, but there are some other songs that are almost as catchy.