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January, 2013

  1. January 2013 Playlist

    January 1, 2013 by Kaitlin

    Here’s something kinda funky and kinda folky to ease you into the new year.

    Everyone should experience a New Year’s Eve in NYC once in their lives. Not for Times Square or the ball dropping, but for riding the subway back, post midnight, with a train full of happy revelers. My ride back to Brooklyn featured horn blowing, an older couple offering directions to some wide-eyed teenagers hoping to make it to a loft party in Bushwick, and an impromptu rap battle between a Mexican guy and a Dominican guy (or, I’m guessing this was the case, because one guy would shout, “Where my Dominicans at?” and then the other would shout louder, “Where my Mexicans at?”) that ended with them walking across the train car to hug each other. It was like they had taken the words of Old Crow Medicine Show to heart: “Throw your arms ’round each other and love one another.” The whole sappy, messy scene actually made me a little emotional.

    Or maybe that was just all the cocktails.

    Either way, happy new year and new music, everyone.