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Friends Recommend – Toya Holness

September 12, 2012 by Kaitlin

Podcast time! This is big news for all 3.2 of you who told me I should start a podcast. It’s not brilliant, it’s not earth-shattering and it’s far from perfect, but maybe you’ll learn about something or someone of interest. Or maybe not, but it’s only 15 minutes long, and I know you spend longer than that doing dishes/folding laundry/Facebook stalking yet another round of wedding photos (no, only me?) every day, so you may as well listen while you engage in menial daily drudgery and two kill birds, or whatever.

The premise is simple. I talk to a friend. He or she gives me three recommendations: one thing to WATCH, one thing to READ, and one thing to LISTEN to. Watch, read, listen. Bam, bam, bam. I’m less interested in people’s top 10 lists (even though I know they generate way more page views) and more interested in talking in depth about fewer items.

It’s fitting that Toya would be my first guest/unwitting victim. She’s bold, outgoing, and always game to go on an adventure. We’ve spent more time hanging out in foreign countries than in the US, but she’s one of my few friends who’s actually a SoCal native. I work in journalism, she’s in PR. She’s a stellar soccer player, I despise running with every bone in my woefully out of shape body. Society tells us we should be enemies, but somehow we’ve overcome. I’d tell you more, but you have to listen to the podcast for that, silly.

I have lots of pictures of us together in London, all dolled up and looking cute. I also have this picture of us acting like damn fools on the grounds of Highclere Castle, aka DOWNTON ABBEY, so naturally that’s the one I’ll post.

It just felt right at the moment, OK? We had also gotten no sleep the night before because we may or may not have had a massive term paper due that morning.


For your watching/reading/listening pleasure, Toya recommends…


WATCH: The Painted Veil




READ: Game Change


Read an excerpt here.


 LISTEN: Sparlha Swa, Doing My Thing




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  1. SJ says:

    Love it. Obviously. Toya’s LISTEN recommendation kind of makes me think of Tracy Chapman. Both of their voices are sorta smokey and soulful.

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