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August, 2012

  1. Nine pictures of my dog I took with my iPhone

    August 29, 2012 by Kaitlin

    The title wasn’t lying.

    I have a dog named Pivo. He used to live with me, but for now he lives in upstate NY where he has grandparents to fawn over him and a lake to romp in. In LA, he had a backyard that consisted of a concrete slab the size of a parking spot to poop in and horrible rashes. Since I know you all care, I’m happy to report his skin has cleared up.

    He makes me smile incessantly. He’s muttly, and scrappy and one-of-a-kind (ok, not entirely true…word from the Humane Society is that he’s got a brother out there somewhere). I purposefully didn’t post these on Facebook because I get annoyed with the never-ending stream of baby photos, and I’m assuming you feel the same about my canine obsession. But if you’re reading this, you got here on your free will. No complaining/barking. Sit. Stay.

  2. Ten-and-a-half-or-so tiny book reviews

    August 15, 2012 by Kaitlin

    Oh right, I have a blog.

    I would say I’m back from the wilderness, but the truth is I’m in the wilderness–if you consider the wilderness a cabin with all kinds of modern amenities and a wifi hotspot.

    Since I last wrote, I left London, flew to DC to interview for a job I didn’t get (spoiler alert!), flew to Texas, hugged my family and picked up my car, drove to LA, graduated from USC, drove to Portland then middle-of-nowhere Washington, did Sasquatch, drove back to LA, worked a 10-week internship at Morning Edition at NPR West, went to weddings in Cleveland, Nashville and finally Quechee, Vermont, where I hugged my family again and then traveled with them to an undisclosed location in the Northern Adirondacks. It’s totally not a secret, but it’s way more fun to say “undisclosed location.” Waiting for me there was my dog Pivo, and my heart felt full once more.

    And now I blog. That’s what Thoreau was always on about, right?

    Besides writing, when I’m lucky enough to be here, I also read. I spent a good chunk of the summer learning about all kinds of wonderful books and movies through NPR interviews and compiled a massive to-read/watch list. Someone tell me why, then, I can’t put down the third Game of Thrones book. Full dorkdom revealed.

    I also read some in London, and in a total rip-off of the brilliant Jen Andrews, I thought I’d just leave little tidbits of reviews for the books I’ve read this year.

    This is how I prefer to read–under a tree at Downton Abbey.

    Note, Jen reads a lot more than I do, but she’s way smarter than I am, and you have to take into consideration that I lost about a month on the second Game of Thrones book because it’s really long (and I won’t bother reviewing it here because you’ve all obviously already seen the TV show) AND I watched the entire Sopranos series (not one season, the entire series) in an unhealthily condensed amount of time. No reading was happening then. But way back in January, when I was again enjoying cabin time, it was.

    Reviews after the jump, in the order that I read them.