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Three pieces of media worth sharing

August 13, 2011 by Kaitlin

My last two weeks in Africa were spent tackling the road trip of a lifetime. But more on that later.

While I was traipsing around Mozambique and Kruger National Park, two jaw-dropping places with a blessed lack of internet connectivity, a couple of radio pieces I had a hand in finally made their ways to the airwaves.

The first is a piece I worked on for Sandy Tolan’s radio documentary class. It’s a short journey into the life of Mina Kamath, an extraordinary woman who trained and worked as a dentist in India and California, and now runs one of Southern California’s premier metalworking shops. I had so much fun making trips to her art studio and iron workshop, as well as sitting down with her and her husband for interviews in their warm and welcoming West Hills home. I finalized the piece with KQED back in May, and I’m so glad to finally be able to share it with Mina and her family and others in Berkeley who may have been listening.

The second is in collaboration with the new website Bending Borders. Launched by radio guru Karen Lowe, the site collects experiences from around the world that represent some shared and relatable aspect of human existence, even if it’s happening far away in a culture you may know nothing about. This bit is based on an interview conducted by CRF executive producer Nina Callaghan and originally aired on the Father’s Day Radio Workshop episode. I did some editing and recorded an intro—it’s great to see some CRF work in another context.

Fatherhood in South Africa by efrost1

Finally, here’s a video that takes this entry full circle. While we were on our road trip, the talented Andrew Crawford took video footage on his iPod Touch. Granted, the final product pretty much ended up being an homage to his girlfriend, PR extraordinaire Sarah Kane, which is understandable, because shoot, who doesn’t want to do a video homage to Sarah Kane? But it’s still a pretty masterful piece of editing, considering it was done on the fly, and it gives you a good idea of the kinds of people and places we encountered along the way. And don’t skip out on the first three seconds, that’s me blowing out candles on sweet, sweet, on-the-road birthday cupcakes.

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  1. Sarah says:

    So cool! Miss you :)

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