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Radio Workshop Listening Bonanza

July 8, 2011 by Kaitlin

I realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted any new Radio Workshop episodes, the things that actually consume most of my time in Cape Town. I’ve had so much fun planning, interviewing, writing, and editing these episodes. Even shows that are repackages of earlier episodes, like the refugee piece, were like this fun audio adventure since it was my first time hearing the tape and my coworkers are very generous and let me run wild with the editing software.

The shows run about 15 minutes each, so if you’d like to download and listen on the go, you can subscribe to our free podcast via iTunes. Otherwise, have a listen right here.

Radio Workshop: Crossing borders to find a home by childrensradiofoundation

Radio Workshop: Is the World Cup more than just a memory? by childrensradiofoundation

Radio Workshop: A difficult conversation with parents by childrensradiofoundation

Finally, a quick shout-out to my friend and former fellow intern Kondwani. He was my partner in collecting voxpops every week and photographer for when we went out on interviews, and since he’s gone back to Joburg before continuing his studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, I’ve missed hearing his infectious laugh around the office, listening to his crazy Cape Town stories, and watching him whip up comprehensive Google Docs on social media in record speed.

Here’s a video he took last week when we were in Khayelitsha checking out the Football for Hope Centre. Initially, I had no idea he was filming. This would account for the funny look on my face that I think translates pretty clearly as “Really? You’re filming right now?”

Miss you, Kondwani!

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