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Interns Gone Wild

June 3, 2011 by Kaitlin

Just back from week two of work at the Children’s Radio Foundation.

After being out and about collecting sound, I came back to a quiet office—the bosses were working from other locations for the day, so it was the interns—Maddie, Kondwani and me holding down the fort.

Kondwani hard at work and shunning overhead lights at CRF

As afternoon sun and the sounds of pre-weekend traffic spilled through the open windows, we were all sitting with our headphones on working on various projects—transcribing interviews, editing voxpops, writing annual reports—I was struck by this moment of peace.

For years I had anxiety about finding the right job, or any job for that matter, and suddenly, here I was, sitting in a place with people I really, really like, doing work I really, really love. How did that happen?

The anxiety is still there, and the bliss ended as realized I had been laughing with an interview subject and messed up another sound bite, but it was a nice moment, all the same.


  1. Yumna says:

    Loving your blog, those moments of quiet are amazing. Mike and I had one just the other day too! And I so get you about laughing with your interviewee, I do it too, it just means we really do love our jobs ;)

  2. SJ says:

    This post makes me happy. As does a tag called “happiness.”

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