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Seasonal relief

May 28, 2011 by Kaitlin

My first week in Cape Town, I felt great.

Week two, just as I was starting work, I started feeling not-so-great. I blame this on three things.

1. Suddenly switching from and LA summer to an SA winter.

2. Cigarette smoke. You’re allowed to smoke pretty much everywhere here, and people do. Hello long-forgotten allergies!

3. The musty swamp smell that pervades our apartment. I fear it comes from a mold colony I’m convinced is hiding in our walls.

Nothing major symptoms-wise, but constant coughing, nose-blowing, and randomly watery eyes just don’t lend themselves to conducting good radio interviews.

Sweet, sweet relief (fingers crossed)

But, I might have found relief. I talked to a nice pharmacist at a tacky souvenir shop on Long Street (because it totally makes sense to have a drug store in there too, right?), and he hooked me up with some Clarinese. I think it’s like Claratin, but way cheaper, and thus far, actually working (breathing through your nose is fun!). Check with me again in 10 days and I’ll let you know about long-term effectiveness.


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