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Not bad, for a lunch break

May 26, 2011 by Kaitlin

Every Thursday, there’s a market that goes on in St. George’s Mall, which is less like a mall and more like a pedestrians-only boulevard.

Earth Fair Market

I met my roommate Mary Beth there–she works at the Cape Argus, and the market is just about in between our offices. It was a great vibe–there was all kinds of food, live music, and people sitting on hay bales.

After some wandering, we decided on tikka masala pitas (gotta love the Indian influence here) and some juice made from about eight different kinds of fruits and veggies.

omg, spicy


On my way back, I ran into a group of protestors chanting, “What do we want?” “Housing!” “What do we need?” “Housing!”

Shouting demands for better housing

So on one side of the street you had this vocal, animated march, and on the other side, employees from the Taj Hotel were standing calmly outside in their uniforms, hands clasped cooly in front of their bellies, not reacting at all.

My coworker Nina said protests are quite common near our office because Parliament is just around the corner. Speaking of things that are nearby, here’s the view from my office window on this beautiful day.

View from the third floor of 6 Spin Street

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